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Ania Kelly


There is a new day dawning for Park View volleyball. They have a new coach, a completely revamped program, young players, and most importantly, great senior leadership. A key component of that great leadership is captain Ania Kelly. She leads by sheer determination and decibel-level, and would gladly admit to that (actually, she did). Ania has an infectious energy and passion that radiate outward like a good Twitter beef, pulling you in whether you like it or not. The senior captain has fun and jokes with her teammates, dances between digs, and enjoys screaming before games. But her energy and charisma don’t tell the whole story, she has been through hard times with the program. Nevertheless, she is ready for that to be a part of her past.

Ania is ready to be an integral part of shaping the future of the program, of ushering in a new day and winning era at Park View. Not tomorrow, not next season, not down the road, but right now. We wanted to talk to the young athlete about leadership, changing the mindset of a program, Future (as opposed to “the future”), her team’s determination to never give up, and the advantages of being “belligerently loud” (her words, not mine).

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