Rebel Run Sports is a Northern Virginia based Media Company with a focus on High School Sports and a determination on bringing attention to talented students and athletes in our area that is free for all to see.

In a phrase, we are the future of High School Sports coverage. While we respect those companies that have come before us, we do not follow the rules and standards that they have set. We want to be different, we need diversity, we like change, and we embrace new.

Our blend of pure talent and tireless work ethic set us apart from other companies in the field and our collective competitive spirit drives us for each task and to stay on top of the game.

We bring attention to all public schools in NoVa, not the big schools, not the schools or parents that will pay, not just the schools with winning records. Everyone and every school deserves coverage, regardless of your size, your record, and most importantly—your economic demographics.

We are proud to support the NoVa community and the youth in our area, because we are NoVa.

Rebel Run is the future of High School Sports Coverage, and the future is now.

We are Rebel Born, We are Rebel Branded, We are Rebel Owned, We are Rebel Run


Rob Giampapa (RobG@2up2downmedia.com)

Creative Director, Head of Girl’s Basketball and Lacrosse coverage

Born and raised in NoVA, Rob is an avid sports enthusiast with a face for radio and a passion for helping young people grow. As a former coach for youth sports teams around the area, his uncanny eye for talent has been honed over years of evaluating young athletes at their various stages. His background in video production/editing and his relentless search for what’s next and new ideas are an essential piece of the Rebel Run creative direction and vision.

On the other hand, his fragile nerves and incoherent babble make him a particularly questionable addition to the Rebel Run Sports Show… unless he is quoting Wu-Tang lyrics or verbally assaulting referees.

A true underdog, Rob lives to prove people wrong and invites you to tell him NO as much as possible. You can find him at games all over NoVA enjoying every moment (except interactions with other humans thanks to his socially awkward nature), so please go talk to him if you see him!


John Moore (jmoore@2up2downmedia.com)


Philly born and NoVA raised, John is one of the greatest athletes in Virginia high school history, according to only himself. He has a tremendous ability to decipher games, players and the environment, giving him a unique perspective on sporting events of all kinds. His background in communications and sales, his size, and his ability to relate to people on all levels make him the world’s largest social butterfly and a huge asset to the Rebel Run team.

Still an athlete (in his mind only), John is always ready to compete — as long as the research team does his preparation. His personality and easygoing nature make him perfectly suited for TV and a favorite for people around the community to talk to.

This Al Bundy of NoVA believes that he should be the Mayor of every school, so if you see the ‘biggest arms in the business’ coming your way at courts or fields around the area, please don’t feed his ego — just ignore him completely!

Our Incredibly Talented Staff & Contributors: 

John Bacerra

Steve Knox

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Rossie Bratten

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